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Goat's Milk Formula

With the worsening formula shortage, we wanted to find new ways to help you and your family. We know firsthand how stressful life can be with a newborn, with new responsibilities, new worries, and new joys, but one thing no new parent should fear is how they are going to provide adequate nutrition for their baby. That is why starting today you can find all the necessary ingredients to make your own infant formula right here on NutriBaby Organics. With your convenience in mind, below we have provided a recipe to make your own Infant Formula using a Goat Milk base, along with the product availability right here on our own site. While Goat’s Milk alone is NOT an adequate formula or Breastmilk replacement for infants, when made correctly Goat’s Milk Formula can exceed the necessary nutritional values.  We hope that together, we can help ease the hardships brought on by this shortage, so that you can focus on more of the joys your infant will bring.

*Please remember to consult your child's pediatrician before making any dietary changes.*

  • Goat's Milk Formula Recipe

    What You Will Need:

    - 9 tbsp. Goat Milk Powder

    -1/2 cup Raw Agave

    -1tsp Blackstrap Unsulphured Molasses

    -1/2 tsp Goat Milk Ghee

    or Vegan Ghee

    -Appropriate dose of multivitamin

    -Appropriate dose of probiotic

    -36oz Room Temperature Water

    -Measured Mixing Pitcher



    1. Fill the pitcher to about 8oz with hot water

    2. Add in Ghee and mix well until the ghee is completely melted and mixed throughout the water.

    3. Add 16oz of COLD water and stir to return solution to room temperature

    4. Add remaining ingredients, stirring in between

    5. Once all ingredients have been added, stir vigorously, making sure there are no remaining lumps

    6. Fill with the remaining 8oz of room temperature water

    7. Carefully blend once more to ensure the solution is evenly distributed

    8. Refrigerate. Use within 3 to 5 days of preparation.

    -do not mix probiotic with hot or very cold water, this will kill off the active probiotics

    *Please consult your child's pediatrician to ensure adequate multivitamin and prebiotic dosing based on your child's daily formula intake*

  • Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk Vitamin D - 12 ounce

    No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives. 7 grams of protein per serving. Naturally gluten free. High in calcium. Vitamin D. More potassium than cow milk. New look! Same great quality! Makes 3 qt of milk. Easy to digest. Pasteurized. Goat milk is easier to digest and contains more potassium than cow milk. America's no. 1 goat milk. More people worldwide drink goat milk than any other dairy milk. Easier to digest than cow milk. Delicious, creamy taste.

  • Babys Only - Organic Non - Gmo Dairy Toddler Formula

    Uses Organic compliant technology to help eliminate environmental toxins. Intended for toddlers one year of age or older, includes Alpha-Linolenic and Linoleic Fatty Acids that the body converts into DHA and ARA As found in breast milk.