Our Story - Our Store

Hello there!!
Welcome to NutriBaby Organics! Before you got here, we probably spent a bit more time than we should have trying to come up with the best way to create our ‘About Us’ page. We read a ton of articles and consulted with many marketing professionals about different ways to ‘stand out’ or ‘grab the shopper’s attention’, but at the end of it all, nothing felt genuine. See, the truth is, we are already different, despite the words we use and the illustrations we fill our page with. An even bigger truth, we are simple people, who make up a simple company, with a complex mission. That is why all of the BIG ways that were recommended to get your attention just didn’t resonate with us. Plus, if you are here, you likely already know what you want, and we do too, that is why we are here!


  Whether online or in town, the market is completely flooded with companies whose goal is to sell you their product. As parents ourselves we have struggled for years to find quality food items. Food made with naturally sourced ingredients, adequate nutritional values, flavorful taste, and without all the harmful fillers. Grocery stores have slowly widened their organic sections but are still largely stocked with brands that lead right back to the same big corporations who are responsible for selling products that are detrimental to our well-being.  These corporations push their product on us so strongly that we don’t always even notice it is happening. From the radio commercials on your way to work, to the billboards you pass along the road, all the way down to the sip of soda by your favorite character on the series you are currently bingeing after your kids’ bedtime. It is constant, it is engrained, and it results in subconscious choices we aren’t even aware of. The worst part of it all is that these corporations don’t care about you or I, our children, or the world we live in.


  Opposite of the corporations referenced above are the ones who DO care. The ones who put in tireless effort to ensure their product surpasses the highest of standards, the standards of us parents. These Brands are spending significantly more on quality ingredients, paying their staff higher wages to make certain that every person they employ cares about the quality of the items they are putting out, and purchasing superior equipment to reduce their negative environmental impact. Keeping a brand affordable while managing higher quality costs means less in the budget for marketing and promoting their brand, so while these dream companies do exist, they aren’t being seen by the general public. As a result, people resort to buying the best they can find, which really isn’t the best at all.


  We have made it our mission to improve the market.  When we only buy the BEST products available, this raises the standard of the market, forcing the ‘Big Guys’ to offer better, until eventually that is all that’s available.  Can you imagine a shopping endeavor not complicated by the need to intently study the product label?! We can! Our energy and focus is to provide our customers with product that isn’t filled with the same detrimental ingredients found on the grocery store shelves while also promoting brands that are as passionate as we are about the impact their product has on their consumers, all while decreasing the overall carbon footprint we are leaving behind on our Earth. The big corps are big enough and don’t need help getting any bigger, it’s the small shops that need promotion from third party sellers such as ourselves. We want to get away from the big and the bad and bring it back to the old-fashioned way of buying, selling, trading, and supporting our ‘neighbor. In doing this we are hitting three birds with one stone, improving the market, supporting families, and enriching the very soil that provides for us.